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Communik8t is an agency that creates great interactive experiences and products across web and mobile. We focus on amazing and innovative projects in entertainment (The Institute, The Candy Agency), education (CoderDojo, Schwab Foundation, UCLA), technology/startups (SavingStar, Appolicious) and the arts (Urban Air, LA Film Festival). We have a special soft spot for those who throw their hearts into creating something amazing and new that pushes the world forward. We believe in simple, beautiful, responsive designs that not only respond to the user’s screen size, but also engage them at a gut level with ease-of-use, fine detail, well-crafted web copy,  social bonding, and a sense of discovery and play.

We have deep expertise across interactive design, user experience, and product development so we can help you envision and create your dream product or user experience. We know that technologies change but the human need for connection, mastery, beauty, fun, and being part of a story remain the same.

Communik8t was founded in Los Angeles in 2012 by Shara Karasic and Susie Karasic. Yes, we’re related, and we both have the habit of finding connections between disparate things, and integrating design and coding, and that made it easy to create our tagline: Everything is Related. Shara has been making media more social since 1995, contributed to the O’Reilly Media/Yahoo!  book Designing Social Interfaces, and recently co-founded CoderDojo LA, a free coding club for kids in Los Angeles hosted at Google. Susie is a designer turned coder whose most well-known design is the logo for The Tournament of Roses.